Battle of Cannae

Max Streicher

Inflatable sculpture

In Max Streicher’s work, the living beings, human or animal, are the main subjects. Made of white nylon canvas and on a monumental scale, these objects summon the extraordinary. The work Battle of Cannae created in 2014 refers to the Battle of Cannes (216 BC) which took place in southern Italy and during which Hannibal’s army gloriously defeated the Romans. Much represented in the history of art, this battle notably involves the story of a bull that, after having managed to escape from the enclosure of a market, threw himself out of the third floor window, in a final gesture of desperation. Between mythological, literary or historical references, Max Streicher’s work plunges us into the heart of recognizable and identifiable image combinations.


Max Streicher is originally from Alberta and now lives and works in Toronto, Canada. For over thirty years, the artist has been creating inflatable and monumental works made of light materials such as nylon or synthetic paper. Like gigantic puppets, his inflatable sculptures move to the rhythm of the fans as if on the tempo of a regular breath, slowly breathing in and out. The artist is represented by the Ricco/Maresca Gallery in New York and by the Miguel Marcos Gallery in Barcelona.

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