Balloon Museum presents Pop Air, the first exhibition dedicated to Inflatable Art in Italy; a collective exhibition, set in the historic space of the Mostra d’Oltremare, featuring national and international artists with works that have air as their principal theme.

Many artists over the years have dealt with the element of air and its containment within unusual forms and materials, just as several artists have confronted themselves with sculptures made by assembling and modeling balloons of different shapes and sizes. The artists involved have interpreted the theme and vocation of the exhibition to stimulate the visitor through constant interaction to experience it up close.

The exhibition is conceived as a unique path that includes different types of works: large installations, inflatable sculptures, interactive and digital works. Ending with a video gallery dedicated to delving into the history of Inflatable Art.

Pop Air hosts numerous artists, including some of the major international figures of this artistic movement, all called to dialogue with air: Eness, Plastique Fantastique, Karina Smigla-Bobinski, Cyril Lancelin, Hyperstudio, Pepper’s Ghost, Pneuhaus & Bike Powered Events, Motorefisico, Quiet Ensemble, Ultravioletto, Max Streicher, Rub Kandy, Filthy Luker, Lindsay Glatz with Curious Form and Stefano Rossetti.

The viewer will find themselves at the center of a new way of participation: they will become the director of their own presence, leaving a trace of the experience in the digital world and all the emotions associated. A moment experienced here and now, which is prolonged thanks to a quick photo, in a dilated time.

The visit is enriched with new practices that create interactions and connections that will place the viewer in an immediate relationship with the works, the exhibition route, and the other viewers present.


A Quiet Storm

Quiet Ensemble


The Breath Immersive Experience

Pepper’s Ghost


Pneuhaus & Bike Powered Events

Cloud Swing

Lindsay Glatz with Curious Form



INF 22

Michael Shaw

Into The Rainbow

Pepper’s Ghost


Cyril Lancelin

Never Ending Story



Stefano Rossetti


Karina Smigla – Bobinski


Max Streicher


Rub Kandy

The Goof

Filthy Luker


Plastique Fantastique

A production