Immersive installation

Hypercosmo represents the heart of the entire exhibition. It wants to be the representation of a new macrocosm, a reinterpretation of a natural environment where the upper and lower parts are in direct communication and involve everything in the center: the human being. Projections, sounds and movements of different elements will accompany the experience: the sky, the sea and the earth will merge and reverse for the spectacle of the cycle of life. The spectator is invited to immerse himself, play and let himself be rocked by the white environment, becoming an integral part of the work. At the climax, an unexpected evolution will involve the audience, for a unique show. A deeply and involving installation that offers a harmonious and imaginative vision of the contradictory links between nature and new technologies.



HYPERSTUDIO is a collective of artists and designers, which creates immersive and oversize art installations, that reproduce a macrocosm in which the natural elements are revised to deliver unique performance, as a distinctive trait. Video projections, sounds, a sea of balls and many latex balloon, that paint the sky with spherical objects, make up the space and amplify the perception of the spectator.


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