Cloud Swing

Lindsay Glatz with Curious Form

Interactive installation

The Cloud Swing is a playful and interactive experience intended to invoke a sense of wonder, nostalgia, and delight for participants. Swings suspended from glowing clouds are used to create color and light as people engage with the artwork. If a swing is unoccupied, the cloud above will emanate a steady glow. Once someone begins to swing, the transformation begins, and the white glow is replaced by vibrant color and lighting effects. @thecloudswing was created by Lindsay Glatz with Curious Form



Lindsay Glatz @lindsayglatz Lindsay Glatz is a visual storyteller with a mission to infuse the world with wonder. Glatz began her career abroad in the tech industry, sparking her interest in working at the intersection of technology, art, and tourism. In both her artistic and curatorial practices, she seeks to add vibrancy to public space as a means of inserting magic into everyday life and captivating civic imagination. Glatz often encapsulates elements of childhood and nostalgia within her work as a basis for exploring human connection. William Nemitoff @curiousform In 2018, William Nemitoff founded Curious Form, a creative fabrication studio, where he leverages his knowledge of diverse materials and building methods to craft innovative concepts, custom furniture, collaborative art, and impactful public installations. 3D modeling and cutting-edge machinery enable Nemitoff to create precise organic shapes with bold clean lines. Always curious, Nemitoff seeks inspiration from interests in science, technology, and the natural world.

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