ZEROS is an inflatable kinetic sculpture, a work in motion. The minimalist installation is made up of 10 black inflatable circles. Voluminous, the rings move in a slow, undulating choreography. The contrast between the white light of the room and the intense, matte black of the rings captivates the viewer’s eye as if hypnotized by this strange mechanical ballet. The solemn movements of the piece evoke the image of an enormous animal that shifts ponderously, in a visual and spatial experience dominated by the intense contrast of the black shapes against the hard white light.

The movements animate and give life to this plastic animal, creating a unique visual and spatial experience. ZEROS is in the vein of the Op art and kinetic creations of the 1960s, a geometric abstract art movement using optical illusion.



The contextual art projects of Spanish artist SpY are among the most original and talked-about contributions in the evolution from urban art to public art.  Throughout his career, SpY’s practice has developed into an increasingly spectacular body of large-scale installations and interventions, ever more ambitious and impactful, produced in cities across the world. SpY interrupts viewers while engaging them as active subjects in the artistic process. He works with incisive concepts and strong formal approaches, raising substantial questions about the reality of human relations.

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