Hyperstudio – Alessandro Risuleo

Emotion: MIRACLE

The concept of wonder, or Wonder, has always occupied a central place in the human experience, embodying that sense of amazement and admiration that one feels when faced with the unexpected and exceptional. The work Wonder draws deeply from this well of universal wonder, offering an immersive experience that awakens the inner child of adults and intensifies the natural enchantment of the young ones. Developed for mixed reality viewers, it invites viewers on a sensorial journey where real settings mixed with digital elements will be present. The circus, with its historical roots of spectacle and enchantment, is associated with wonder, a place where the impossible becomes possible, where elephants can fly and men can disappear, a place that challenges the laws of physics and credibility for the pure pleasure of amazement. Wonder aims to recreate this experience, transporting viewers to a world where the magic of the circus merges with the limitless possibilities of modern technology, creating a work of art that is as much an homage as a reinvention of this ancient place of wonder . Offering a profound reflection on the essence of the human experience, the importance of dreams and the ability of art to unite people in a collective moment of pure wonder.



At the border between reality and imagination there is a place where space and time become equal. Neither a beginning nor an end, just a narrative, that of Hyperstudio, in which the distance between artwork and the viewer vanishes. Founded in 2020, Hyperstudio is a multidisciplinary collective of Italian artists and designers who conceive immersive installations in which art, artist, and visitor are placed in a universe where imagination is free. It is a dynamic meeting point for art, culture, and entertainment, creating amazing ecosystems and immersive experiences. Hyperstudio’s installations allow the audience to be led and catapulted onto true sensory journeys unbounded by real time and space: effects of light and color, absence of perspective, and environments that are made to disorient. This is how, between the unfolding of imagination and a landscape that moves beyond the fourth wall, entering art becomes possible

Born in Rome in 1971, Alessandro Risuleo immediately became passionate about visual communication systems. After over twenty years of experience as an Art Director and advertiser, he has found in photography a means of artistic expression that allows him to escape and freely express his creativity. Each of his works contains an implicit and precise message, which only careful observation can reveal. His photographs move between the abstract, the pictorial and hyperrealism. In his works you can find linear stories or barely mentioned stories, as well as multiple references to the history of art: from classical sculpture to the great artists of the Renaissance, up to Pop Art and the more contemporary Street Art. His unique vision is exemplified in the “Cognitive Awareness” project, which walks the boundary between the real and the virtual, provoking questions about the nature of reality and human perception. A great mastery of digital techniques and openness to new technologies are the ingredients that make his work original and incisive, which has already been successfully exhibited in various contexts: from the 16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition to the 2015 Photography Biennale curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, at the MIA Photo Fair in 2014 and 2015, in 2016 at the ABIDAD international fair in Sao Paulo – Brazil, again in 2016 in the personal exhibition in ROME in the contemporary art gallery NUMEN and in November 2017 at the Queens Museum in New York.

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