Too Many Thoughts


Emotion: Anxiety

Engaged for a long time in the conception and creation of multisensory installations, the Hyperstudio collective presents Too Many Thoughts: imposing, cumbersome spheres that invade the space, filling every corner and evoking a sense of anguish and oppression. The visitor finds themselves immersed in a continually transforming room; the large spheres, akin to living organisms, move in harmony with the breath, expanding and contracting, creating a path that gives the sensation of being inside something larger than ourselves. A play of dynamic lights will amplify this effect, further emphasizing the perception of a space that contracts and expands in a brief span of time. The installation offers an engaging and stimulating experience, inviting the audience to explore the emotional nuances of space in constant transformation, prompting reflections on the individual’s dimension in the face of external and ever-changing forces



At the border between reality and imagination there is a place where space and time become equal. Neither a beginning nor an end, just a narrative, that of Hyperstudio, in which the distance between the artwork and the viewer vanishes. Born in 2020, Hyperstudio is a multidisciplinary collective of Italian artists and designers that conceive immersive installations in which art, artists and visitors are placed in a universe where imagination is free. It is a dynamic meeting point for art, culture and entertainment, creating amazing ecosystems and immersive experiences. Hyperstudio’s installations allow the audience to be led and catapulted into true sensory journeys unbound by real-time and space: effects of light and colour, absence of perspective, and environments that are made to disorient. This is how, between the unfolding of imagination before others and a landscape that moves beyond the fourth wall, entering art becomes possible.

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