FroM 17 May to 11 August
Heyestraße 178, 40625 Düsseldorf, Deutschland

EmotionAir is a unique exhibition that explores the profound relationship between art and emotions through the captivating medium of inflatable art. The Balloon Museum presents this new art project in the historic space of Old Billingsgate. EmotionAir offers a multisensory exposition path that balances the lightness of inflatable works with the complexity of human emotions.

The installations are not simple works of art but true emotional vehicles that guide the visitor into a vibrant and intense world. Each piece is designed to stimulate an intimate dialogue with one’s feelings, providing a unique insight into the complexity of the human experience. In the exhibition, twenty artists interpret and present works related to specific emotions or behaviours influenced by them. The explored emotions vary widely and are represented in multiple forms: from the imposing Cube Abyss installation by Cyril Lancelin, confronting us with fear, to the large pink rabbits by Momoyo Torimitsu, an expression of frustration and discomfort. Artists like Lucas Zanotto and Jason Wilsher-Mills celebrate joy in various forms, while Rub Kandy with his extravagant GINJOS celebrates ecstasy. Prepare to be amazed by the works of Michela PicchiKalman Pool, the lifelike video installations by Anotherview, and interact and trust in the work Swing by Motorefisico.

The Italian collective Hyperstudio presents two works for the occasion: Too many Thoughts and Hyperfeeling; the latter, in collaboration with the international studio Sila Sveta and the artist Kissmiklos, is the heart of the exhibition, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in thousands of spheres to experience all emotions at once.

From monumental installations that rise majestically in the exhibition space to more intimate works that engage the visitor in a personal dialogue, the exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of the diversity of artistic approaches. The modified entrance by Steve Messam, the immersive kinetic installation ELECTRIC MOONS by Christopher Bauder, and the astonishing Volatile Structure by Geraldo Zamproni contribute to defining this experience. In the sound context, Thom Kubli’s intriguing work Black Hole Horizon, where sound seems to be trapped in floating bubbles, adds another dimension. Spectators are invited to play, touch, and immerse themselves in atmospheres with hypnotic visual effects, such as those created by Miranda Makaroff, and to meet the monstrous and enchanting, conflicting and playful creatures of artist Motomichi Nakamura.  Experience the infinite colour combinations that Karina Smigla-Bobinski’s work Kaleidoscope invites one to create and bask in the play of light for the artist Alex Schweder‘s work, The Third Thing.

Founded in 2020, the Balloon Museum inaugurated its first exhibition in Rome, Italy. Winner of the prestigious “Best Proprietary Format” BEA – Best Event Awards in 2022, it has been developing exhibitions focused on inflatable art for several years. This artistic movement emerged around the mid-20th century, a period of great creative fervour and artistic experimentation, led by collectives of architects, artists, and designers who began exploring the dimension of space with enormous and surreal works, challenging the artistic conventions of the time. The use of materials such as PVC and nylon allowed them to create sculptures that defied staticity and invited the audience to reconsider the traditional concept of artistic form.

For the EmotionAir exhibition in London, artists explore this unique medium to challenge form and space to convey emotions. Additionally, one will discover a space dedicated to the history of inflatable objects, from the early experiences of the Montgolfier brothers in the 18th century to the famous Balloon Dog series by American artist Jeff Koons.


A Quiet Storm

Quiet Ensemble

Black Hole Horizon

Thom Kubli


Motomichi Nakamura

Cube Abyss

Cyril Lancelin

Electric Moons

Christopher Bauder

Her Joy

Alex Schweder


Hyperstudio – Sila Sveta – Kissmiklos

Invisible Ballet

Hyperstudio – Mauro Pace


Karina Smigla-Bobinski


Stefano Rossetti

Playground Love

Michela Picchi

Skyscape #1

Another View


Lucas Zanotto



Synchronized Chaos

Miranda Makaroff

The Argonaut

Jason Wilsher-Mills


Rub Kandy

Too Many Thoughts



Kalman Pool


Hyperstudio – Alessandro Risuleo

A production