Synchronized Chaos

Miranda Makaroff

Emotion: Trust

A vibrant universe, inhabited by a diverse array of characters with myriad personalities: Synchronized Chaos is the creation of Spanish artist Miranda Makaroff for EmotionAir. Along an infinite corridor, the repetition of brightly coloured faces unfolds, becoming, for the artist, eloquent symbols of human existence and the intrinsic complexity of our minds. These faces, recurrent elements in Makaroff’s painted works, transform into three-dimensional figures, invading the surrounding space and multiplying infinitely. At the heart of this captivating scenario lies the central theme of the artwork: self-awareness and the journey of individual growth. Venturing along the darkness of the corridor, the visitor finds themselves enveloped solely by the luminous expressions of the characters. This face-to-face encounter creates a direct confrontation, almost like engaging in a continuous dialogue with the voices that inhabit our minds. The emotion selected by the artist is self-confidence and the ability to evolve, transforming every obstacle into a positive opportunity for growth. The sensory experience thus becomes an emotional journey, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in the intricate narrative of Synchronized Chaos.



Miranda Makaroff is a multidisciplinary artist born in Barcelona in 1984 and currently resides in Ibiza. Renowned for her distinctive and vibrant utilization of color and design, Miranda adeptly employs a diverse array of mediums to articulate her artistic vision. Her multifaceted approach encompasses painting, acting, sculpture, and illustration, captivating online audiences and garnering widespread attention on her Instagram account. A constant motif throughout her artwork is her desire to celebrate women along with their joys and pleasures, and to bring their desires to life in vivid hues. Her artwork has been showcased in many top tier galleries, art festivals, such as Art Basel Miami, and international museums, most recently at the Moco Museum in Barcelona.

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