Emotion: Trust

From the conceptualization of the physical system of the conical pendulum, Motorefisico presents its new work Swing on the occasion of the EmotionAir exhibition. This installation, composed of a series of spheres suspended from the ceiling, comes to life through engaging interaction with the audience. The spheres move in space, bouncing and spinning vortex-like, creating a dynamic and captivating play environment. The spectator is an integral part of the artwork, encouraged to move freely in the surrounding space, causing the spheres to oscillate, potentially colliding with others in motion. This interactive experience not only stimulates the imagination and creativity of the audience but also evokes the profound concept of trust. Through the selected materials and the very nature of the oscillatory movement, Swing recalls the idea of trust and surrender, suggesting the sensation of letting go into the arms of a reliable person. The connection between the visitor and the artwork becomes a moment of mutual trust, where active participation translates into a collective dance of spheres capturing the essence of the human experience. In this context, Swing is not just an installation but an interactive platform that explores the delicate balance between trust, movement, and the joyful unpredictability of human interaction.



Motorefisico is a duo formed of Lorenzo Pagliara and Gianmaria Zonfrillo, architects and designers from Rome. In 2015, they initiated the “motorefisico” project, born with the aim of creating a project at the intersection of street art and interior decoration, with a special focus on the revaluation of urban surfaces. Since 2016, their scope of work has expanded to include aerial installations in fabrics, and in 2018, they further extended their practice to digital installations, interactive projections, and the organisation of exhibition spaces.

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