Lucas Zanotto

Emotion: Empathy

SQUEEZED IN is the latest interactive installation by artist Lucas Zanotto, specifically designed for the Balloon Museum. The title itself encapsulates the entire concept behind this work: considering the constraints of space, the idea was to emphasize this aspect and create characters that appear too large for the space, giving the sensation of being squeezed. Far from a negative experience, this effect makes one feel small amidst these charming creatures. The artist intends to craft a colourful, light-hearted world populated by endearing oversized characters. The initial impact on the audience is sure to evoke surprise and joy, fostering a lively connection as they empathize with these characters, engaging in play and rolling their inflatable eyes throughout the room. For the artist, understanding the space was a crucial first step in creating SQUEEZED IN. By experimenting with simple and fundamental forms, he brought to life a space that is both compact and remarkably friendly, inhabited by these delightful characters.



Born in the Alps of Northern Italy, and after years working in Milan, Barcelona, and Berlin, Lucas Zanotto is currently based in Helsinki. Zanotto began his career as a product designer, moving into character design and development with focused skills in 3D modeling and sound design. The founder of the company YATATOY, which focuses on children’s content, is walking in the world of inflatable art with his characters which emit through a variety of media, charm and joy. First garnering vast recognition for his animated art videos online like Six Kinetic Characters, he quickly moved to creating real life kinetic videos, like EYES, a series of 6 installations, and PLANK a client based project that involve the use of ping pong balls, chairs, and coffee mugs and many more that have delighted viewers worldwide. The artist has been awarded the Apple Design Award, Golden Lion in Cannes, Gold at BDA Promax International, Main Price at ITFS, Best Promotional Animation at Ottawa Animation Festival, among others and has spoken at numerous events like, Pictoplasma, Slush, ESAD, FAUX Images, The Kids Want mobile, ELCAF, SLPJ, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Montreuil Children’s Book Fair.

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