Spiritus Sonata



Always committed to creating interactive artworks that engage the senses and strengthen ties with their public, Eness created an original work entitled Spiritus Sonata for the Let’s Fly exhibition. “Spiritus” can be translated as “breath” or “vital breath”, and “Sonata” as “musical composition”.

This new inflatable and luminous creation invites the visitors to feel elevated and connected. Evoking the magical, cottony ambience of early childhood discoveries. Spiritus Sonata envelops us in the hollows of its membranes, provoking surprise and tenderness.With its recognizable Kawaii or “cute” aesthetic, this inflatable work is also a veritable wind instrument. The air used to inflate the structures also creates sounds from the nasal extensions of each character. The layers of sound overlap, surrounding visitors in a celestial vibratory continuum.



Founded in Australia in 1997, ENESS is a pioneering creative laboratory in the art of three-dimensional projection mapping. The studio is composed of visual artists, musicians, computer engineers and designers. Together, they create and install artworks in public spaces for festivals, galleries and museums. This is now their fifth collaboration with the Balloon Museum.

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