Skyscape #1

Another view 

Emotion: Astonishment

Skyscape #1 is the artwork of Anotherview, specifically created for the Balloon Museum. The title originates from the fusion of two elements, the sky and escapes, beautifully encapsulating the experience of witnessing hot air balloons ascending in the darkness and gracefully dancing through the magical and captivating panorama of Cappadocia.

Observers of Skyscape #1 are confronted with the unexpected and surreal spectacle. Instead of gazing at the familiar urban landscape of London from the long row of windows, in one frame matching the style of Old Billingsgate, they are transported to the enchanting natural formations of Love Valley, witnessing the magical display of balloons rising at dawn. This engaging experience elicits a response akin to childlike wonder and irrational joy, accompanied by a fascinating sense of space-time detachment.

The collective work of Anotherview is inspired by the collective need to rediscover a magical connection with the surrounding nature, a renewed (yet ancient) interaction with it, free from distractions and frenzy, but permeated with respect, wonder, and reflective slowness. It is an invitation to a deeper breath, a broader gaze, a way of being “differently present.” The rugged rocky valleys of Cappadocia evoke a primordial, almost prehistoric time when humans were guests of Nature. The protagonists, in addition to the beauty of the landscape, are the air as a primordial element and the balloons, both in perfect symbiosis with the underlying concept of the exhibition. Anotherview’s work goes beyond the visual aspect, creating an immersive experience that prompts reflection on our connection to the natural world and encourages a profound shift in our perception and interaction with it.



Anotherview is an ongoing art project which consists in researching and recording high definition views for 24 hours from different places around the world, which are transmitted through portable digital windows.  As contemporary archivists, the collective is formed by Marco Tabasso, Tatiana Uzlova and d Robert Andriessen, who research, record and save the unique locations captured in our present time in order to build an archive for the future generations.

From New York City, to the vast landscape of the Okaukuejo/ Etosha National Park in Namibia, the grand city of Shanghai, Camargue, Venice, Portofino, the Alps, throughout India and in Cape Town, the locations visited by the team is carefully selected for its storytelling, allowing the view to be transported in an experiential art piece. The criteria for each project connects to questions regarding the natural environment endangerment and problems connected to intensive urbanization. Anotherview windows have been presented in international fairs such Jingart in Beijing, Art Basel/ DesignMiami in Basel, Salone del Mobile in Milan, Salon NY, Art Miami and PAD in London. 

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