Penique Productions

Site specific installation

The Spanish collective Penique Production invites the visitor into an immersive and luminous universe. Covered by a pink monochrome tarpaulin from which the air has been removed and by huge LED curtains, the architecture of the Great Hall disappears to better reveal itself. The work Rosâtre, with its evocative title, is an installation that invites visitors to pause for a moment in the course of their visit, with seats placed in the center of the space. A suspended moment? An invitation to introspection? The artists set out to remodel the places in which they are inserted. Here, the balconies of the Grande Halle are totally transformed. New forms and details appear in a vaporous and colored atmosphere.





Penique Productions is a collective founded in Barcelona in 2007. Specialized in the creation of site-specific and ephemeral installations, Penique Productions works between Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Barcelona in Spain. They were recently exposed in the exhibition COLORS, ETC. at the tripostal in Lille, France.


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