Plastique Fantastique

Inflatable sculpture

reSET THEORY is inspired by a mathematical theory called set theory. It was created by the German mathematician Georg Cantor at the end of the 19th century. Dealing with the notions of element and belonging, the artists transpose this idea in the form of an oval and transparent inflatable sculpture inside which two colored spheres touch and move. Beyond the sensual and aesthetic aspect, the artists use the process of subtractive synthesis. Using magenta and yellow for the spheres and cyan for the ground, the artists summon the black. Always in movement, this work invites the visitor to rethink the possibilities of interactions and connections with the elements that surround us.


The Plastique Fantastique collective was founded in Berlin in 1999 and is now directed by Yena Young and Marco Canevacci. Multidisciplinary artists, they are major protagonists of inflatable art, their work is currently shown at Casa Del Lago in Mexico City. In June 2022 they are invited to realize a performative project at the Oerol Festival in the Netherlands. They now live and work in Berlin, Germany.

A production