Perpetual Ballet

Hyperstudio – Mauro Pace

The Perpetual Ballet embodies the essence of air and movement, designed to be the centerpiece of an immersive, interactive space. At the core is the circular, helical shape that mimics the form of a tornado; a sculptural vortex engineered to create an organic chaos of particles in motion. Visitors find themselves at the center of the serene yet powerful force of the whirlwind as the installation plays with the dichotomy of white noise and silence, transitioning between moments of visual and auditory stimulation and the all encompassing nature of ascending air. Balloons of varying sizes rise and fall in cyclic choreographed movements within a crafted airstream, while the compression and expansion of the space animate the spheres in a mesmerizing dance. The ambiance of the installation, curated to resonate with the theme of cyclical and ephemeral nature, embodies the ever-present yet unseen eye of the cyclone, aiming to transform our perception of air from an invisible necessity into a visible spectacle. The installation invites the audience to ponder the unseen forces that shape our world while standing in a Perpetual Ballet.



At the border between reality and imagination there is a place where space and time become equal. Neither a beginning nor an end, just a narrative, that of Hyperstudio, in which the distance between artwork and the viewer vanishes. Founded in 2020, Hyperstudio is a multidisciplinary collective of Italian artists and designers who conceive immersive installations in which art, artist, and visitor are placed in a universe where imagination is free. It is a dynamic meeting point for art, culture, and entertainment, creating amazing ecosystems and immersive experiences. Hyperstudio’s installations allow the audience to be led and catapulted onto true sensory journeys unbounded by real time and space: effects of light and color, absence of perspective, and environments that are made to disorient. This is how, between the unfolding of imagination and a landscape that moves beyond the fourth wall, entering art becomes possible.

Mauro Pace is a transmedia artist based in Rome, since 2008 he has been creating immersive experiences, multimedia and kinetic installations that investigate the relationship between art, science and human perception. In 2010 he founded NoideaLab with which he designs multimedia installations and exhibitions, in 2015 he was co-founder and creative director of NONE Collective, a multidisciplinary art studio. His works have been exhibited in museums, galleries and international festivals: among these Somerset House – London; Farol Santander – Sao Paulo; Fukuoka Science Museum – Japan; Light Art Museum – Budapest; Cannes Film Festival – Cannes; Santa Giulia Museum – Brescia; Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Rome, Design Week – Milan.

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