Stefano Rossetti

Environmental installation

Parcobaleno is an installation that transforms the rainbow, symbol of peace, into a place to live, play, smile and feel free. Parcobaleno is based on the desire to build peace through play, because, as Plato says, to live in peace, you have to live by playing! In this installation, the rainbow becomes a real space with large oscillating colored rays to touch, clouds to walk on (children can also climb and sit) and Colorama, a large inflatable sculpture 10 meters high that celebrates the rainbow and its colors. Parcobaleno is an explosion of hope, joy of life and an invitation to freedom, but the most beautiful aspect of this work is created by you who smile and play. 


Stefano Rossetti is a polyhedral artist who moves from graphics to immersive installations, from wood carving in African villages to product design. His theme parks Parcobaleno and Rainbow Park (currently at the hydroscalo in Milan) have been accepted by museums and city centres around the world.
His work conveys values and positive emotions through vivid shapes and colours and addresses issues of common interest by touching consciences with a smile.

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