POP AIR and LET’S FLY are the first two exhibitions curated and produced by the Balloon Museum in which the best exponents of inflatable art and other recognized artists have been called to try their hand at the theme of sculpting air.

A thank you goes to:
Claire Ashley (USA) – Clown (Star Patrick)
Cyril Lancelin (FR) – Knot, Giant Flamingo
Eness (AU) – Cupid’s Koi Garden, Airship Orchestra
Filthy Luker (UK) – The Goofs
Geraldo Zamproni (BR) – Volatile Structure
Hyperstudio (ITA) – Hypercosmo
Karina Smigla – Bobinski (DE) – ADA, POLYHEADRA
Kateřina Blahutová & Signal Festival (CZ) – Living Forest
Lindsay Glatz with Curiousform (USA) – Cloud Swing
Max Streicher (CA) – Battle of Cannae, Silenus
Motorefisico (ITA) – Never Ending Story
Penique Productions (ES) – Deposito Vittoria, Rosâtre, Giallo 368
Plastique Fantastique (DE) – reSETH THEORY, Tholos
Pneuhaus & Bike Powered Events (USA) – Canopy
Pepper’s Ghost (ITA) – Aria – The breath immersive experience
Rub Kandy (ITA) – The GINJOS
Quiet ensemble (ITA) – A Quiet Storm
Stefano Rossetti (ITA) – Parcobaleno
William Forsythe – Dana Capsersen – Joel Ryan (USA) – White Bouncy Castle
Architects of Air (UK) – Dodecalis Luminarium
Ultravioletto (ITA) – Into the Rainbow

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