Pop Air

Milan – Superstudio +

from 23 December to 12 February

Balloon Museum presents Pop Air, the first Exhibition dedicated to the Inflatable Art in Italy. With over 7000 square metres, Superstudio Più were completely transformed, and will invite all the visitors to live a unique experience with the Artworks. The exhibition has been conceived to be a unique path which includes several kinds of artworks: huge art installations, inflatable sculptures, interactive and digital artworks. And finally, a dedicated video gallery will go deeper into the history of inflatable art. 

Pop Air hosts some of the major international figures of this artistic movement, all of them asked to speak through the air: Studio Eness, Plastique Fantastique, Karina Smigla-Bobinski, Cyril Lancelin, Penique Productions, Hyperstudio, Pepper’s Ghost, Pneuhaus & Bike Powered Events, Motorefisico, Quiet Ensemble, Max Streicher, Geraldo Zamproni, Rub Kandy e Lindsay Glatz with Curious Form.

Pop Air

Milan, Italy

Via Tortona, 27,
20144 Milano MI



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