Let’s fly

Art has no limits


from 22 june to 6 october
Mana Wynwood – 318 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127, Stati Uniti

Monumental artworks and international artists have come together to create an extraordinary inflatable experience!

Balloon Museum presents: Let’s Fly at Mana Wynwood in Miami, an original concept featuring works from the most inflated to the most colorful. Always at the avant-garde, the curatorial team is committed to redefining the way art is experienced by pushing back the boundaries of art installation and the classical interactions we know. Synonymous with freedom, flight and access, the Let’s Fly experience takes spectators on an unprecedented sensory journey. Centered on physical interaction, the presented works offer an escape into a universe of freedom never before imagined. Play, touch and feel your way through atmospheres with Cyril Lancelin with his monumental, immersive and luminous labyrinth, to Rub Kandy and his zany tribe of GINJOS, the bouncing spheres by Motorefisico and delve into a completely new terrain created by Camilla Falsini with her original colorful graphic creations. Submerge yourself in hypnotic visual effects, transitioning from light, colorful worlds exemplified by artists like Michael Shaw and his aerial installation entitled Lava Lamp as well as Sasha Frolova’s intoxicating kaleidoscopic fountain.

For the Let’s Fly exhibition in Miami, Filthy Luker invites you to land on an extra-terrestrial planet with their two artworks, Eye Scream and Octopus Attack, while Atelier Sisu joins Balloon Museum for the first time with their grand ethereal bubbles, Evanescent, and Penique Productions make their return with Centipede to take over the space and alter its perception. The idea behind this exhibition is to provide visitors with a unique, made-to-measure experience. Marvel at the graceful bubbles of Italian collective Quiet Ensemble, draw with the help of the ADA sculpture conceived and designed by German-Polish artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski, and admire the Floating Giants by the artist Max Streicher. Plunge into the thousands of black spheres of Hyperstudio collective, listen to the musical respirations of Australian studio Eness’s sculptures and gaze up to the installation of Korean artist MyeongBeom Kim. Reflective environments appear on the path with the work of Tadao Cern and his BB series of minimalist sculptures and the obscure, moving inflatable creature by the artist SpY.

In this exhibition-experience, artworks stimulate our senses through touch, sight and sound. Having fun while discovering transdisciplinary works of art through immersive proposals is the concept of the Balloon Museum. Since 2022, artistic propositions have expanded. Today, inflatable art appears in digital projects, with the Ouchhh collective for example and its Data Art experiments, or with the Sila Sveta collective, inviting visitors into their utopian worlds through animated pop images. Founded in 2020, Balloon Museum is an exhibition born in Rome, Italy. Winner of the prestigious 2022 BEA Best Proprietary Format award, for several years it has been developing programming focused on inflatable art, an artistic movement that emerged in the mid-20th century and is driven by collectives of architects, artists and designers.

For Let’s Fly in Miami, the artists selected belong to the new generation of this movement. These artists are aware of the need to renew exhibition formats, and are constantly seeking to push the limits of this material, which can be transformed at will. In addition, you’ll discover a space devoted to the history of inflatables, from the first experiments by the Montgolfier brothers in the 18th century to the famous Balloon Dog series by American artist Jeff Koons.


A Quiet Storm

Quiet Ensemble


Karina Smigla – Bobinski


Alex Schweder

AI Dataportal of Miami



Sila Sveta

Balloon Tree

Myeongbeom Kim


Tadao Cern


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Dove Raggiungere e Ammirare Mondi Straordinari

Camilla Falsini

Eye Scream

Filthy Luker

Flying Maze

Cyril Lancelin


Sasha Frolova


Hyperstudio – Quiet Ensemble – Roman Hill

Lava Lamp

Michael Shaw

Octopus Attack!

Filthy Luker & Pedro Estrellas


Max Streicher

Spiritus Sonata





Rub Kandy

Perpetual Ballet

Hyperstudio – Mauro Pace



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