Living Forest 

artist – Kateřina Blahutová
production – Signal Festival
realisation – Prusa Lab
sound – Enchanted Lands
design – Julia Parchimowicz

The temporary installation Living Forest, displayed at the Let’s Fly exhibition in Rome, confronts visitors with the pressing issue of the effects of the global climate situation. It is a call to action, to the active participation of the community: through our determination and efforts we can restore the natural landscape in which we live. The mission of the work is to travel to different cities for the purpose of generating funds for different programs involved in long-term forest restoration. Each donation made during the exhibition period went to support the activities of Fridays For Future, the global climate justice movement started by Greta Thunberg. Through its European Beyond Burning campaign, Fridays For Future is lobbying the European Union to change the directive that allows large portions of forests to be cut down for biomass energy production.

A production
Technical Partner