Cyril Lancelin

Inflatable Sculpture

Huge installations with bright colors and impressive interactive geometric sculptures are the stylistic signature of Cyril Lancelin. Knot, as reported by its title, is an installation inspired by a knit knot, the trefoil knot, a primitive form on which the design of the three-dimensional structure is modeled; a line of which there is no perception of the beginning and the end but only of its development. With this immersive installation Cyril Lancelin allows to explore the space in a new way: unusual and new boundaries of separation created by his work lead the viewer to interact and immerse himself, the volume does not allow an overview of the surrounding space. The experience lived by the public is an essential component of the artist’s approach: the labyrinthine shape stimulates to undertake unknown directions, overcome possible obstacles, get lost and be surprised by running into the right road. The red color, in full contrast with the environment that hosts it, allows you to detach yourself from normal perception. Through this immersive, architectural and artistic experience we learn new alternatives to the usual partitions that make up the spaces.


Cyril Lancelin (1975, Lyon, France) is a French artist. Cyril Lancelin develops a hybrid work made of sculptures, immersive installations, drawings, virtual experiences and videos that create links between the physical and the fictional. It is from a plastic vocabulary based on primitive geometry that connects architecture and the human body, the everyday and the functional, the perennial and the ephemeral, science and nature. He began his career in the 1990s working for architectural firms and artists in Paris and Los Angeles, using 3D modeling techniques and virtual images, after this period in 2016 he opened his own studio, Town and Concrete. Currently his research also focuses on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, for the exploration of the different dimensions of reality. Her practice is shaped by immersion and movement, innovation, and the search for a world that is half virtual and mathematical and half real. He has made his installations at various events around the world, from China to Europe, from Arab countries to America. The notions of repetition and parametric generation are recurring themes in his work. He anticipates our passage into a world of multiplied and shared data.


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