Into the rainbow

VR immersive experience

With Into the Rainbow the viewer will experience a first-person journey through a Virtual Reality headset. At any time he will be able to move his head in all directions and explore with their eyes the different scene in front of them.

The journey that the viewer will partake in will be based on a vertical motion experience.
The experience is made up of moments of whimsical and colorful vertical travel like a magic elevator that takes us from one world to another. The audio component is fundamental to making this a truly immersive and engaging experience. These different elements will be accompanied with moments of stillness that allow the user to turn their head and explore the world they are in.



Ultravioletto is an interaction design studio. They work in a multidisciplinary area that
merges architecture and design, storytelling and installation, contaminating them with
new technologies.
Ultravioletto shows a pronounced sensitivity in the experimentation around an expressive
research path that gives value both to communication projects and pure artworks.
A work among arts and new media that bring interactive installations, performances,
immersive environments to life. Projects in which the analogue and digital dimensions
unite to create a language capable of enhancing the experience.


technical partner

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