Into the rainbow


VR immersive experience

With Into the Rainbow, the viewer will experience a first-person journey through a virtual reality experience. The journey is based on a vertical motion experience that will take him or her into colorful worlds that precisely echo the different colors of a rainbow. In each color the viewer will go on a discovery of an absurd world populated by equally paradoxical characters and objects.

The experience is made up of wacky and colorful travel moments as a magic elevator takes us from one world to another. The audio component is crucial to make this experience truly immersive and engaging. These different elements will be accompanied by moments of stillness that allow the user to turn their head and explore the world they are in.



Ultraviolet is an interaction design studio. It works in a multidisciplinary field that merges architecture and design, storytelling and installation, contaminating them with new technologies. Ultravioletto shows a marked sensitivity in experimenting with a path of expressive research that gives value to both communication projects and pure works of art. A work between arts and new media that gives life to interactive installations, performances, immersive environments. Projects in which the analog and digital dimensions come together to create a language capable of enhancing the experience.

Children under the age of 9 years old are not allowed to use the VR headsets due to health reasons

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