INF 22

Michael Shaw

The geometry of INF 22 was originally conceived for a deconsecrated church in the United Kingdom. Now emancipated, it has become an autonomous sculpture. Yet, it retains traces of its original arrangement and movement around the columns of the church, simultaneously encouraging observers to move around and beneath its tubular structure. Purposefully crafted in dimensions large enough to evade a single viewpoint, INF 22 transforms observation into the experience of walking through multiple perspectives.


Michael Shaw was born in 1973 in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. He has participated in many solo exhibitions in the United Kingdom as well as group exhibitions in Europe and abroad. Specialized in giant site-specific inflatable structures, he earned a doctorate in 2005 based on Donald Judd’s sculptural concept ‘Specific Objects’. The artist recently exhibited an inflatable artwork at the CICA Museum in Gimpo, Korea and his huge 46 x 20 m sculpture Hi-Viz will feature in the 2024 Sydney Festival. After Let’s Fly exhibition, this is his second collaboration with the Balloon Museum. 


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