Hyperstudio – Quiet Ensemble – Roman Hill

Immersive installation | presence of strobe lights

Hyperstellar is a sensory journey that challenges the perception of our place in the universe, leading the audience to experience the infinite size and complexity of the cosmos. The installation is conceived as a total immersion in a mysterious universe, represented by a pool of black balls and a ceiling composed of a sky of balloons of the same color. This environment creates a perfect contrast for the cosmic wonders that will be revealed on the circular LED screen placed at 360 degrees, which dominates the room. Here, the magic begins to unfold. The hypnotic abstract shapes before our eyes, made by French artist Romain Hill, are actually high-resolution shots of exploding water droplets and air bubbles. The inversion of perspective is astonishing: the grandeur of the cosmos is not only out there in space, but is also present near us all, inside a drop of water and within a bubble of air. The audience finds itself an integral part of a totalizing system, in which microscopic elements become carriers of magnified mysteries. Each element, rendered unrecognizable by its exaggerated size, emphasizes that the beauty of the universe is present even in the smallest and often overlooked details. The kinetic lights synchronize with the sounds that accompany the images, creating a synesthetic and immersive experience. The audience, immersed in this multimedia and multisensory spectacle, finds itself catapulted into a journey where the dimensions of reality expand and contract in a hypnotic dance of light, sounds and forms. Hyperstellar invites viewers to reflect on their own place in the universe, suggesting that in order to perceive cosmic immensity, it is not necessary to travel through space, but just to look closely at our surroundings. In this collective experience, we realize that although microscopic, we are all part of a vast and extraordinary universe.




At the border between reality and imagination there is a place where space and time become equal. Neither a beginning nor an end, just a narrative, that of Hyperstudio, in which the distance between artwork and the viewer vanishes. Born in 2020, Hyperstudio is a multidisciplinary collective of Italian artists and designers that conceive immersive installations in which art, artist and visitors are placed in a universe where imagination is free. It is a dynamic meeting point for art, culture and entertainment, creating amazing ecosystems and immersive experiences. Hyperstudio’s installations allow the audience to be led and catapulted into true sensory journeys unbound by real time and space: effects of light and color, absence of perspective, and environments that are made to disorient. This is how, between the unfolding of imagination before others and a landscape that moves beyond the fourth wall, entering art becomes possible. For the exhibition Let’s Fly, the installation is in collaboration with the Quiet Ensemble.

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