Her Joy

Alex Schweder

Alex Schweder describes his work as “Performance Architecture” for the ways his environments are developed through performance thinking. His projects include inflatables at a range of scales, extreme buildings that he occupies for periods of time, projections onto mist, and performed renovations of domestic space. By making architecture through performance, Schweder works with space toward questions rather than solutions.



Rising and falling as she breathes, Her Joy, is thought of by the artist as vocalist in the inflatable band The Third Thing. Her lyrics become more and less muffled as the air of her breath inhales and exhales, a rising and collapsing mirror ball at a size that dinosaurs might dance to. During this slow process the reflections of her mirrored dress let the sparks fly. Just as the party ends, it begins again. The movement of this bounced light licking architectural surfaces and the audience of this band are like kinetic light paintings that fill the space of music.

A production