The Goof

Filthy Luker

Inflatable sculpture

The Goofs are part of an entourage of inflatable Monsters that are taking over the world, but how they got here and what their motives are is unknown. These peculiar gentle giants are often found in public places, silently observing our ways. Some say that they are talking to us through telepathy and are trying to make friends, some say they feed on our emotions – especially surprise and happiness, some say they are conspiring to cause mischief ….maybe one day someone will be able to let us know what they are thinking?


Filthy Luker is an artist born in Bristol, known for his inflatable artworks settled in several cities all over the world.
His artworks, huge inflatable installations, are dynamic and ironic, and they redefine the function of daily use objects, by adding weird and surprising features, in order to bewilder people and make them laugh or stun them. The aim is the communication between the urban environment and the viewer, by involving him through fun and surprise, and at the same time leading him to consider the impact that each person has on the environment and on the planet.

A production