Glowing Spiral

Hyperstudio and Mauro Pace

Designed to occupy the center of an immersive and interactive space, Glowing Spiral embodies the essence of air and movement. The core consists of a circular, helical shape that mimics the silhouette of a tornado; a sculptural vortex designed to generate an organic chaos of moving particles. Visitors will find themselves at the center of the serene yet powerful force of the whirlwind as the installation plays with the dichotomy between white noise and silence, shifting from moments of visual and auditory stimulation to the enveloping nature of rising air. Balloons of various sizes rise and fall in choreographed cyclic movements within a shaped air current, while the compression and expansion of space cause the spheres to submerge into a hypnotic dance. The ambiance of the installation, conceived to revolve around the cyclic and ephemeral character of nature, embodies the omnipresent yet invisible eye of the cyclone to transform our perception of air from an imperceptible necessity to a visible ultraviolet spectacle. The installation invites the public who immerse themselves in Glowing Spiral to reflect on the invisible forces that shape our world.


At the border between reality and imagination exists a place where time and space are equal. There is no beginning or end, only the narrative proposed by Hyperstudio, where the distance between the artwork and the viewer vanishes. Born in 2020, Hyperstudio is a multidisciplinary collective of Italian artists and designers who conceive immersive installations where art, the artist, and visitors are situated in a universe where the imagination is free to roam. It is a dynamic meeting point for art, culture, and entertainment where incredible ecosystems and immersive experiences are created. Hyperstudio’s installations allow the public to direct themselves and catapult into genuine sensory journeys without ties to real time and space; the effects of light and color, and the absence of perspective and environments, are designed to disorient. Thus, between the unfolding of the imagination and the landscape that breaks the fourth wall, art can be accessed.

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