Sasha Frolova


For the Let’s Fly exhibition, artist and performer Sasha Frolova presents Fountain of Eternity, an inflatable sculpture, as well as a video entitled Kaleidoscope. In the video, the artist herself appears dressed in colourful inflatable latex costumes of her design. The dozens of moving silhouettes form a hypnotic kaleidoscope, which reflects and multiplies in the sculpture, creating a sense of a moving fountain. With its silver color and its pistil shape, a veritable alchemical symbol, this mercurial fountain touches our subconscious and inspires dreams and fantasies.


Born in 1984, Sasha Frolova currently lives and works in Moscow, Russia. Graduating in graphic design from Moscow’s National Design Institute by Union of Designers, she then specialized in contemporary art at Moscow’s Institute of Contemporary Art. She is active in the fields of sculpture, fashion and performance. She is especially well known for her extravagant inflatable sculpture creations and costumes made out of latex.

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