Fontes Amoris

Sasha Frolova

Interactive installation

Fontes Amoris (“fountains of love” in Latin) is a series of sculptural costumes and video portraits dedicated to emotional states that are conveyed through shape and color. In the videos, the artist brings these sculptural costumes to life in motion and embodies the characters. As the costumes begin to move, a transformation occurs, revealing an interpretive and animated sculpture. Through these works, the artist intends to convey to the viewer what drives spiritual awakening and love.


Sasha Frolova, born in 1984, lives and works in Moscow (Russia). After obtaining her degree in graphic design from the National Institute of Design in Moscow, she specialized in contemporary art at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow. She is active in the fields of sculpture and performance, and is known for her extravagant inflatable sculptures and elaborate latex costumes. Sasha Frolova describes herself as “a visionary artist.” In her work, she seeks to foresee the future by creating an innovative aesthetic. Frolova has exhibited her projects internationally and presented them at iconic venues such as Gallery 291, Whitechapel Gallery, and Riflemaker Gallery in London (UK). Notably, Frolova was a finalist in the “Young Artist” category at the 2009 Kandinsky Prize and at the 2012-2013 ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE at the Venice Arsenale, where she won the Special Prize in the “Solo Exhibition” category.

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