Eye Scream

Filthy Luker


The main motive of Filthy Luker is to make the world a more soft and surreal place, as a kind of vendetta against the hard, concrete world we live in. The artist creates site-specific work and aims to transform everyday cityscapes into strange new ones in the hope to lift people’s eyes from their phones and raise a chuckle or at least an eyebrow. In recent years, Filthy Luker has created pop-art monsters to sit on top of big buildings, breaking the skyline and pulling faces at the world below  – it might not be high art, but it is high UP art! Each of the monsters has its own funny character and expression. For Balloon Museum, the artwork is  titled Eyescream and seems to be hysterically laughing and crying simultaneously, much like anyone in their right mind should be.



Designs in Air is a pioneering inflatable design company from the UK renowned for their artistic flair and innovative installation concepts. Their work has featured at hundreds of major events and exhibitions worldwide as well as publicity stunts and art endeavors. Formed in 1994 by artists Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas, Designs in Air is backed by specialist technicians and logistics team who have helped propel the artists onto the international arena. The team’s originality and fantastical style has undeniably influenced the inflatable medium as well as carving a unique niche in the international Street Art movement with their pop-up and often site specific sculptures. Whether there’s 12m long tentacles bursting from the windows of a sky scraper, traffic-stopping banana skins or giant eyeballs staring out from otherwise overlooked city-center trees, Designs in Air’s urban interventions never fail to delight.

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