Atelier Sisu

Evanescent, an adjective describing the quality of fleeting or vanishing quickly; of impermanence, is the title of the “art-chitecture” installation by Sydney-based Atelier Sisu. The immersive light and sound experience aims to capture that ephemeral and transient feeling in visual form: the bubble. The installation Evanescent is made from a color-reflecting dichroic film spheres that react to the changing sunlight as it moves across the sky, causing a rainbow reflection across the ground that shifts and collides in brilliant formations. The artwork was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic, when, noticing how the things that we would take for granted could disappear in an instant, the artists endeavored to communicate this feeling of transient beauty in physical form. By emulating the ethereal quality and magic of bubbles, Atelier Sisu’s Evanescent appeals to our universal playfulness and childlike wonder, encouraging us to consider the world around them as a space of transience and fragility, like that of a bubble.



Atelier Sisu is an award winning Sydney-based art practice, lead by Peruvian sculptor and industrial designer Renzo B. Larriviere and architectural designer and artist Zara Pasfield. The pair work with a multi-disciplinary team to create experiential environments, installations and unique sculptural pieces. Their direction of work sits between the fields of art and architecture, connecting audiences with their environment, with particular focus in the realm of public art. Each public artwork aims to provide a unique spatial experience for its visitors and is designed to be truly inclusive. The artists create large-scale site specific works that enchant by reinventing spaces, while contributing to the visual identity of a place and promoting community interaction.

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