Alessandro Risuleo · Alex Schweder · Anotherview · Christopher Bauder · Cyril Lancelin · Geraldo Zamproni · Hyperstudio  · Jason Wilsher-Mills · Kalman Pool · Karina Smigla-Bobinski · Kissmiklos · Lucas Zanotto · Mauro Pace · Michela Picchi · Miranda Makaroff · Motomichi Nakamura · Motorefisico · Rub Kandy · Sila Sveta · Stefano Rossetti · Thom Kubli

EmotionAir is a unique exhibition that explores the profound relationship between art and emotions through the captivating medium of inflatable art. Each piece is designed to stimulate an intimate dialogue with one’s feelings, providing a unique insight into the complexity of the human experience. In the exhibition, twenty artists interpret and present works related to specific emotions or behaviours influenced by them. EmotionAir offers a multisensory exposition path that balances the lightness of inflatable works with the complexity of human emotions.

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