Christopher Bauder 

Emotion: Carefree joy

ELECTRIC MOONS is a kinetic installation that celebrates the power of light and weightlessness. The installation consists of illuminated balloons arranged on a grid, evoking the image of celestial bodies dancing elegantly in the air. Through the deliberate interplay of movement, changing lighting and atmospheric music, the viewer is immersed in a unique and ephemeral experience. The arrangement of the balloons is constantly evolving, creating new formations in space. ELECTRIC MOONS is a dynamic sculpture consisting of floating objects, light and a synchronized rhythmic and textural sound composition. ELECTRIC MOONS invites the audience on a multi-sensory journey documenting the ephemeral nature of the creative act. An extraordinary experience that challenges the static nature of perception, opens the doors to new sensory perspectives and encourages reflection on the fleeting and changing beauty of art.



Christopher Bauder is a light and media artist, designer, architect, scenographer, inventor, and founder of Dark Matter in Berlin, WHITEvoid, and KINETIC LIGHTS. His large-scale spatial art installations and lighting designs focus on translating digital information into tangible objects and environments, with key elements including space, object, sound, light, and interaction. In 2004, Bauder founded the multidisciplinary art and design studio WHITEvoid in order to realize his large-scale and complex installation and performance pieces. In 2022, DARK MATTER, the permanent exhibition for the interactive and constantly changing installations of Christopher Bauder opened its doors for the public in an remodeled old factory building in Berlin.
Christopher Bauder has showcased his installations and performances globally, spanning renowned venues such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris, The National Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, the Festival of Lights in Lyon, and numerous other festivals. Bauder’s notable works like DEEP WEB and SKALAR are internationally recognized as is Lichtgrenze, a city-wide light art installation created for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Bauder has received multiple awards, including the German Lighting Design Award, the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, the iF Communication Design Award and several Red Dot Awards to name a few.

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