Deposito Vittoria

Penique Productions


Site specific installation

For Penique Productions, the room is a pretext through which to reflect the way we interact with space. The coloured plastic envelope, through which the Spanish art studio covers the interior spaces with the help of fans, takes possession of the space and modifies its perception. By covering the room and making it “unusable”, the essence of spatiality and of being present in space is thus revealed, generating disorientation in those who pass through. The “balloon”, made of a light plastic, grows and expands while the air becomes the supporting structure and forces the inflatable to grow, consuming everything in its path.
With Deposito Vittoria, the space, conquered by the inflatable, is transformed by a new light, a new texture and a new monochrome colour. The spectator is transported through sensory experience into an environment that is both familiar and new at the same time. Having lost its original function, the site is given a new identity. The balloon acts as a barrier from multiple realities – framing and creating a new space – like a container, it confuses the concept of an art object.


Penique Productions is a collective founded in Barcelona in 2007. Specialized in the creation of site-specific and ephemeral installations, Penique Productions works between Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Barcelona in Spain. They were recently exposed in the exhibition COLORS, ETC. at the tripostal in Lille, France.


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