Karina Smigla- Bobinski


POLYHEADRA is the new interactive installation by Karina Smigla – Bobinski presented for the first time at the Pop Air exhibition in Milan in 2022. The title is a play on words that combines the word POLYHEDRA, a three-dimensional geometric shape, and the word HEAD (head) resulting in the idea that there are many (poles) heads interacting with the work. All the opinions and ideas that come out of the many minds of the participants, continually reform the composition of this collective work or, in other words, an open-source work of art. The idea is based on the discoveries of neuroscience on the auto-configuration of the brain. In this installation, in fact, visitors can configure the artwork themselves. By assembling tubes of different sizes and lengths in a multitude of ways, participants can create continuous and collaborative formations.



Karina Smigla-Bobinski is an Open-Media artist working with analog and digital media. She creates and collaborates on projects ranging from painting, kinetic sculptures, interactive installations, art interventions, mixed-reality objects, multimedia physical theatrical performances, and online projects. The works are direct art, foregrounding matter, movement in time, and impact on the surrounding space.

Attention: Entrace in the Polyheadra art installation is forbidden for those who carry electrical stimulators (pacemaker)

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