Cupid’s Koi Garden


Interactive installation

Cupid’s Koi Garden, the first inflatable Kawaii fountain displayed at the Pop Air exhibition at La Villette in Paris in 2022, set up under the peristyle of the Grande Halle. The work allows visitors to stroll through the heart of an adorable school of ten luminous and interactive Koi fish. Miniature tanks, phantasmagorical prints and giant moving eyes reveal themselves as you walk. More than six meters tall, Cupid’s koi garden installation combines technical innovations such as motion capture, interactive musical scores and choreographed water streams.



ENESS was founded in 1997 in Australia by a multidisciplinary team of artists, musicians, engineers, designers and writers. A true creative laboratory, ENESS is one of the pioneering collectives in the art of three-dimensional projection mapping and real-time interactive motion tracking.

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Technical Partner