Cube Abyss

Cyril Lancelin

Emotion: Fear

Cube Abyss is a structure designed for exploration—precise, geometric, and evoking the imagery of ocean depths—a progression between shadows and light, a journey into the abyss encapsulating themes of discovery, close observation, and an openness to the unknown. Cyril Lancelin delves into the concept of fear, not in the traditional sense, but as an exploration of the anxiety linked to the unknown. Viewed from above, the installation takes on the form of a grid, where each space becomes a microcosm, a three-dimensional labyrinth. The inflatable element reveals itself only upon close contact, soft in touch but from a distance, it transforms into a grand and imposing sculpture that occupies the entire available surface. The skillful interplay of lights and sounds accentuates the labyrinthine atmosphere and the geometric structure. Cyril Lancelin’s artwork transforms the environment into an immersive experience where the spectator is invited to take the necessary time to explore, to sit within, navigating the voids and curves of the volume while observing the ever-evolving play of lights. Cube Abyss is more than an installation: it is an invitation to contemplate the unfamiliar, to step into the enigma of the unknown, and to appreciate the subtle nuances of form and illumination.



Cyril Lancelin was born in Lyon, France, in 1975. He is today a major figure in the world of inflatable art. A multidisciplinary artist, his practice includes sculptures, immersive installations and virtual experiences. He employs a plastic vocabulary rooted in primitive geometry to connect architecture and the human body, the every day and the functional, the perennial and the ephemeral, and science and nature. His work often engages the public in immersive installations, forcing viewers to question their own relationship with the surrounding space. Lancelin has exhibited and collaborated internationally at Design Miami/Art Basel, Festival de Cannes, and Glow Shenzhen among many others.

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