Claire Ashley


On the occasion of the exhibition POP AIR, Claire Ashley creates an installation consisting of three inflatable painted sculptures. Inspired by popular culture, the artist plunges into the alienated universe of the cartoon SpongeBob, imaginative landscapes and to the Star Trek movie series. Her references also come from the natural world: bioluminescent elements, northern lights and jellyfish are part of her repertoire.

“I encourage the other’s sense of wonder and curiosity by welcoming people into a bizarre, extraterrestrial, totally kitsch world”


Born in Scotland, Claire Ashley lives and works in Chicago, USA.
Famous for her very colorful inflatable sculptures, which she conceives as monumental creatures in bright tones. The artist designs pop and burlesque Artworks combining extravagant forms and attitudes. Today he teaches at the contemporary practices department of the Chicago Art Institute in the United States.


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