Penique Productions

For Penique Productions, the room is a pretext for reflecting on how we interact with space. Always site-specific, the monochromatic inflatable shell covers the interior with the help of fans, appropriating the space and changing its perception. Covering the environment and making it “unusable” reveals the essence of spatiality and being present in space by generating disorientation in those who pass through it. Centipede is a site-specific installation created for the Balloon Museum’s Let’s Fly exhibition in the spaces of Pullman Yards in Atlanta. The long corridor, conquered by the inflatable, is transformed by a new light, texture and monochromatic color. The white inflatable envelops every visible surface in the room, projecting a white hue over everything including the floor, walls and ceiling. Enriching the experience is a succession of lights that are activated as the spectator, an active part of the work, is transported to an environment that is both familiar and new at the same time.



Penique Productions is an art project founded in Barcelona in 2007, which focuses its research on site-specific, inflatable and ephemeral installations. Since 2008, Penique Productions has also operated from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in 2009, the group won the first prize at the Cerka’l Festival in Piera, Barcelona with La Capella installation. From there The group’s diverse installations range from sites like the Market State Project with 18 Clocktower Place, an initiative in response to the proposed demolition of the Market State Residential complex in London; a patio in a old monastery in México; arts school palace, with a pool, in Rio de Janeiro; or transforming a tattoo shop, Box 33. In 2023, Penique took over the space at 103 Avenue Champs-Élysées for the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer show during Paris Fashion Week, using a two-tone orange inflatable, the largest the artists had attempted to date.

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