Pneuhaus & Bike Powered Events 

Interactive installation

Commissioned by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, Light City

Canopy is an interactive art installation which leads the viewers to boost their experience by becoming part of it: thanks to generators powered by pedaling, the installation takes life. The bright sculptures, similar to trees, transform, light themselves up, make sounds and enlarge, thanks to the pedaling of each bycicle. Canopy encourages its visitors by delivering an interactive experience which underlines the need of a green generation: each cyclist will see the outcome of his effort, providing a constant and progressive transformation. These sculptures are never fixed, their edges and movements keep changing thanks to this interaction. Canopy is the first collaboration between the Pneuhaus inflatable architecture and art studio and Bike Powered Events, a design company built on Can-duit bycicles.
The artwork is inspired on the “Crown Shyness” phenomenon, in which the foliages of several trees close to each other grow and are modeled in order not to touch with each other, creating astonishing pictures; in this way, the single elements of Canopy fully come together, to create a bright net of colors which extends both on active users and spectators. Canopy delivers a collaborative project where everybody shares and puts energy.



Pneuhaus is an American design and art studio, specialized in dynamic and lively transformation of public spaces. The sculptures and the immersive environment lead the visitors in the discovery of their senses, and in the joy of a shared experience. They are inspired by physics, biology and craft, and their work embodies the precepts of nature, both in form and in function.
Bike Powered Events designs interactive activities that engage audiences in fun, creative, and empowering ways. They activate and illuminate spaces, generating collaboration, positive energy, and wonder for all ages.


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