Motomichi Nakamura

Emotion: Anger

Motomichi Nakamura is a versatile multimedia artist and designer, renowned for his extensive work ranging from video art to installations. This artistic versatility is epitomized in his piece titled Cannonballs; the paradoxical nature of inflatables as an artistic medium, filled with weightless air, yet capable of creating a substantial sense of presence and weight. The artist chose this title to evoke the heaviness of cannonballs. In this extraordinary creation, spectators find themselves immersed in Nakamura’s distinctive artistic realm. The centrepiece of this installation consists of eight large balloons portraying the faces of imaginary monsters, varying in degrees of menace. These faces are accompanied by the projection of other ominous characters onto the surrounding walls.
Nakamura aims for the characters he creates, vividly brought to life through projection technology, to be nuanced entities upon which we can project our inner thoughts and emotions: multifaceted creatures that can be simultaneously monstrous and enchanting, conflicting and playful. We can perceive Motomichi’s work as if it were a mirror, reflecting upon ourselves as we examine how we perceive his characters that gaze back at us. In the installation of his works, the artist provides a version of the experience of encountering a monster. It is up to the audience to ponder on the reason for their presence and the intentions of these creatures. The answers to these questions unveil the myriad meanings encapsulated in Motomichi’s characters, offering a fascinating perspective on the complexity of our interactions with the world created by the artist.



Motomichi Nakamura, a Japanese-born award-winning Projection Artist and Animator based in Croton On Hudson, NY graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York.
His work is known for the use of black, white, and red and monsters created with minimalistic graphic elements inspired by Cryptozoology and Mythology. He has exhibited globally in numerous museums and galleries including the New Museum in New York, Moscow Contemporary Art Center Winzavod, MARCO in Monterrey Mexico, Olympia Park Munich, Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris, La Gaîté Lyrique among others. His animated films have been screened at the Sundance Film Festival, Onedotzero Festival, and Edinburgh International Film Festival and his recent film “Okami” won in The Leeds International Film Festival. Commercially he has worked on projects for clients such as EA, MTV, USA Networks, and Sony and produced music videos for artists including Nicola Cruz and the Swedish band The Knife which earned him international recognition.

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