ARIA – The Breath Immersive Experience

Pepper’s Ghost

Video installation

ARIA – The Breath immersive Experience is the work by Pepper’s Ghost studio created for the Pop Air exhibition. It is an immersive experience, a ‘digital interpretation of inflatable art in which The visitor finds himself enveloped, in a tight space, surrounded by a multitude of balloons lost in the sky. Involving them in the journey through the metaphysical experience of suspension. The immersive sound design is intended to bring back in sound the sensations created around the visitors with the same intensity and depth of a breath taken miles high with the unique intention of experiencing a space without limits.


This name, recalling the first hologram effect ever created, refers to a collective made of digital artists, graphic designers, engineers, visual artists and video makers, lights and sound designers. Pepper’s Ghost is an immersive art studio, a digital atelier, a factory, with a front man and a team of professionals. They design and produce digital exhibitions and immersive experiences, 3d mapping, lighting show, holographic performances. Fostering creativity through the use of advanced hardware systems, by creating contents and delivering the proper support to produce and set up original digital artworks. Pepper’s Ghost created some of the most important digital artworks in Italy: such as Aura | The Immersive Light Experience in Milan, considered one of the top 5 immersive exhibitions in Europe. In March 2022, Ghost Over Banksy was launched, based on a Banksy’s stencil, and it has proved to be the first Digital Street Artwork ever made.

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