Sila Sveta

Video VR

For the Let’s Fly exhibition, Sila Sveta invites the public into the heart of impressive inflatable worlds. In this long traveling game-like experience, the artists take us around different digital worlds discovering balloons, castles, palaces, rollercoasters and underwater creatures, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. 

This POV (point of view) video offers a variety of hints from our world, for example the Colosseum – an interesting reference considering that Let’s Fly exhibition founders are based in Rome, Italy. There you’ll also see an airship flying over the Eiffel Tower – an image that really did exist, since at the beginning of the 20th century many airships flew over the French capital. With these dynamic sequence shots, viewers are plunged into a breathtaking visual journey, a unique immersive experience specifically designed for the Balloon Museum.


Sila Sveta is an interactive media, production and conceptual design studio that combines innovative technology and creative expression to develop immersive digital art installations and experiences worldwide. Based in New York, the members of Sila Sveta have been working for several years with major brands, international artists and musicians.

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