AI Dataportal of Atlanta



AI Dataportal of Atlanta is an immersive tunnel composed of LED screens and mirrors that reflect the diffused lights and forms. Thousands of tiny coloured beads propagate through the tunnel. The result is a magnetic movement that’s hard to tear your eyes away from. With this installation, Ouchhh collective uses millions of pieces of data from the city’s digital environment, and specifically, the city’s air data. Excel spreadsheets and illegible graphs disappear in favor of abstract, hypnotizing forms. The collective’s practice is called data art, which involves the creation of works generated from data about the air of the city such as statistics, flows, inventories, etc. The information in all its dimensions, which we don’t see and most often don’t understand, is metamorphosed into images with a tangible aesthetic, capable of generating emotions for the visitor.


Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Ouchhh is an international digital design studio specializing in data sculpture and immersive experiences. They collaborate with institutions and festivals from around the world. Ouchh’s interdisciplinary expertise covers graphic design, motion design and monumental digital projections. Today, they are working with partners based in Los Angeles, Vienna, Barcelona, Paris, London and Berlin.This is their first collaboration with the Balloon Museum.

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