Karina Smigla – Bobinski

Interactive installation

The work ADA created by Karina Smigla-Bobinski in 2017 offers you here a real experience based on gesture and randomness. A sphere inflated with helium and covered with graphite spikes is made available to visitors. Once in your hands, the sphere wanders in the air, revealing a multitude of abstract drawings on all surfaces of the room. The work was conceived in memory of Ada Lovelace, a pioneer in computer science who, in collaboration with Charles Babbage, created the first computer program in 1842. The interactive work can be compared to a computer program. Visitors send data to be processed to ADA and then ADA interprets this code by tracing the data on the white walls. But ADA is above all a human “adventure”, since each visitor will be able to find, in the charcoal drawings, a meaning of his own. A real drawing machine, ADA invites you to free your creativity.


Karina Smigla-Bobinski is a German-Polish multidisciplinary artist. In a transversal way, the artist approaches themes linked to digital art with works conceived and produced by means of new technologies. She is also interested in the human body and the sensitivity of the nervous system. Today she lives and works between Munich and Berlin in Germany.

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