A Quiet Storm

Quiet Ensemble


As the name suggests, A Quiet Storm is an installation full of contradictions. Here the storm is soft and light; the infinite white spheres falling to the ground, as tiny soap bubbles caress the audience. In this same desire to combine natural and artificial elements, the artists confuse our reference points and challenge our senses. An immersive, experiential installation in which the audience traverses an environment that awakens childlike wonder, the magic in the small things, a place that suggests otherworldly presences and the fragility of everything. A creative studio that works on unexpected audiovisual experiences.


Founded in 2009 by Fabio di Salvo and Bernardo Vercelli, Quiet Ensemble creates audiovisual performances and installations by capturing the essence of various objects and creatures such as goldfish, pineapples and clouds. Quiet ensemble’s research comes by observing the balance between chaos and control, nature and technology, creating subjects that fuse these elements, elements that take shape from the relationship between organic and artificial subjects, focusing on insignificant and wonderful elements, such as the movement of a fly or the sound of trees.

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